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Life or something like that

Ho hum, just another update. ;) One to encompass all of September it seems.

Work was crazy busy. It seems folks still don't want to coordinate with each other and then were like "hey lets do all the non-tax stuff at once" ... and were surprised when Daisy and I pushed back and/or sic'd the boss on them.

Still pleased with the little apartment. It works for now, though Apollo informs me regularly that there isn't quite enough space for him to get a good run on ... and he is like a gazelle, he LOVES to run.

Debating the next trip north to visit sister and kids. It may be next september as it may be a trip for a wedding party. The kids may protest it being so long though. So we'll see.

Its fall, even in the south. Seeing trees start to turn and the mornings are much cooler now, and the evenings most of the time I can oen the windows and leave the a/c off ... which is nice, my power bill went down dramatically for September.

Life and things

Lets see ...

Work continues. Its like this non stop hamster wheel of projects. LOL ... the fun of managing testing for 10 different projects. Luckily the young lady I work with, while young and pretty inexperienced, learns quick and asks good, building, questions.

Life continues. Yes, indeed, this is not a zombie typing at ya. :) The apartment, while small, suits me fairly well. The cats are a little grumbled at the lack of running space. But they're getting creative. :P

I'm running a D&D game that starts next Sunday. 3.5 edition, I refuse to go to that monstrosity known as 4.0.

Mr Helios Thunderbutt's weight loss continues slow and steady. He even deigned to wrassle Apollo for like 30 seconds the other day.

Sir Apollo Chatterbox is still the lovey-dovey plushy snuggly. :) He just never shuts up.

Princess Aurora Prancypaws has finally accepted me as "good human". She's a smart cookie, learns quick.

Traffic, oh what fun

The joys of travelling a normally heavy but still cruising interstate ... one mistake screws everything up.

Today's "mistake" was pickup/vs toy suv just past the on ramp from exit 11. Had that stopped, and then slowly trickling through ... I'm sure the traffic is backed up past exit 14 now.

The upside was once I cleared the scene it was clear sailing all the way down to work (exit 3).

On a side note, I seriously need to upload some new LJ icons.


I've been part of an every other Sunday evening gaming group since November.

Yesterday, I took over as GM for the time being. Running a 3.5 D&D game.

The party is fairly well balanced skill, class, and stat wise. We've got one character with a 5 and a couple of characters with an 18. Cleric, Druid, Bard, Rogue/Ranger, and straight up Fighter. The new guy (who is catching on QUICK) is doing the straight up clank-tank. The new guy rolled the 5 and was like "good roll playing opportunity". TEEHEE

And since there is no wizard, I'm planting one. :D

Update, just because I can

Yeah, I'm working on getting better about updating this thing.

I guess I should put some content in then, huh? LOL :D

Discovered recently that my apartment complex has a "car care center". Basically a pressure washer and a vaccuum. Its tinkertoy's turn this weekend I think, if she clears the ramp. She should. I hope. And this weekend's going to be busy so it may be time restrained.

This weekend is character creation for the D&D game I'm going to be running.

I'm going to be exceptionally evil. :D I've plotted out enough, and have a good idea what everyone is going to make for characters (even have one background already), that I'm going to plant one of my former characters in the party. As a "guide" of course. This will only work if the guy making the cleric sticks to the cleric and doesn't switch to a paladin of course.

I hate electric stoves

I really do. Bloody annoying these things. ~hurrumpf~

Holy cow

So apparently I've not updated this in over a year. WOW. Time flies sometimes. So much has changed. So much is the same LOL. OK, gonna try to get better about putting updates here.

Last update was June 2011 so lets pick up there, shall we? LOL

Helios, Apollo, and Aurora are all doing well. Helios has gained a bit too much weight so we're on a calorie-controlled d-i-e-t. We don't say that word out loud, it is an evil word after all. ;)

Speaking of weight, I've dropped a fair chunk since I've moved south. Between that and the complete climate change, my wardrobe is in complete shambles. I've in the process of purging and reacquiring. Luckily the job is still casual(ish).

The job. Holy change batman. So, my boss when I moved south was a mousy clueless micro-manager. Almost impossible to work for, and I'm pretty tolerant and can work with most anybody. Well in March they rearranged how the teams were laid out and created a new team called "Non-Tax". Non-Tax team takes care of everything BUT the 3 tax programs. The Non-Tax team is me and another girl. No official lead but I tend to take that role. The best part of that? New boss. I went back to working for the laid back dude I was working for in Caribou (he moved south as well).

Laid back boss did my review this year and not only did he acknowledge IN WRITING that I work well above my level 1 position ... he fixed that. I got promoted to a level 2 position and got a bit of a pay adjustment. Its not enough to bring us up to industry standards but it was nice to have it semi fixed. Between the change of managers and the acknowledgement, I'm not in as big of a hurry to leave the company. Still looking though -- just selectively. ;)

September will be 4 years with this company, and I'm on my 4th boss. LOL

School hasn't gone as well. I had to delay my start till the Jan 2012 semester due to the costs involved in being considered an "out of state student". Then in Jan 2012 my landlord lost the house I was living in to foreclosure, so I found myself moving in a big fat hurry in the middle of busy season's 75 hour weeks. The fact that we made it safe and sound to the new place is a small miracle. 2 casualties of the move ... one square vase bounced off the garage floor and shattered, and my old office chair shattered.

Anyway, I have been taking random online continuing education classes though. C#, .NET ... all sorts of fun geeky things :D

Anyway, more later ... and more regular, good gracious ... LOL


I hope. This fall. Yep, me, becoming a part-time student. My plan is to enroll in a local 2-year tech college to get an AS in Computer Programming, focusing on C#/.NET ...

Step one was getting my high school (yah, really) transcripts enroute to me so I can give em to the college.

Step two is study a bit so I can pass the ... what do they call them ... "compass" test.

Step three is figuring out how to pay for it, though at $45/credit hour it's not too painful. Not as bad as a friend's master's course he's currently going through. No where near as bad. Not even close!! :P :)

Step four is figuring out how to balance class load with work load. Near as I can figure from the requirements and doing 2 classes a semester, it'll take me 3 years. If I can finagle it, I'd like to try to do close to a "full time" load in the summer semester, which is our slow(er) season so maybe I can get this done quicker.


Farming Update

So ... I've been posting things on FB and forgetting to post them here. :)

So far this year I've planted:
Snap Peas
Roma Tomatos
Sweet Corn
Brussel Sprouts
Sweet Mint

I haven't killed anything ... yet ... but the spinach is grummmmmmmpy. The corn looks HAPPPPPPY!

I figure whatever works this year I'll just do again next year.

I do think I want to try some root veggies too. I just got to get to digging in the other garden box to get it ready.

Though, I do have to remember to wear gloves. There are some strange creepy crawlies down here, and poisonous creepy crawlies do exist.

For the Win!

Tonight's dinner:

2 Lemon Pepper Garlic marinated chicken breasts (fresh from the meat market around the corner)
3ish cups of cooked basmati rice
1/2 yellow onion, chopped
2 handfuls of spinach, chopped
1 gigantic, monstrous sized shitake mushroom, chopped
olive oil

Preheat: 350

Put some olive oil in a baking dish, not a lot, enough to keep things from sticking.
Mix the chopped spinach in with the rice. Place the mushroom slices and onions on bottom of baking dish. Spread rice/spinach mix on top of that. Place the two chicken breasts on top.

Bake: about 45/50 minutes until done


Makes 4 servings